Corporate Principles

As a privately owned family business Success Hotel Group is governed by a set of principles and values that determine all our internal and external interactions. We pledge ourselves to, and take pride in, accountability, diligence, honesty and respectful relationships with our team members as well as business partners.

Each decision’s short and long-term effects are subject to careful consideration. Our first priority is always to ensure the continued success of Success Hotel Group and all properties we operate in order to protect our staff’s employment and their livelihoods.

As all companies in the hospitality industry we rely heavily on the quality and commitment of our hotel staff to ensure the high level of service our guests deserve. Therefore, Success Hotel Group is committed to create a friendly and positive work environment. Our staff undergoes regular internal and external trainings that not only help them to better perform their current tasks but also prepare and motivate them for future promotions and leadership positions. We also believe in having them participate participate in the continued success they help create each and every day.

This requires a high amount of control over our finances and that’s why we have always stayed independent from financial institutions as much as possible and to rather use all resources available to us to maximum effect.
Speculative or risky financial deals are never part of our considerations.

There’s only one thing that we take as seriously as our continued and cooperative business relationships: our environment that we want to protect and preserve for future generations. In order to minimize our environmental impact we have decided on a two-pronged approach: We always use the latest and most energy efficient technology available at our hotels to save valuable resources such as water, electricity and paper while exploring new ways to reduce our overall reliance on them at the same time.
Additionally our hotels and their staff are all part of their respective brand’s environmental protection and awareness programs to help them better understand their role and responsibility in saving our environment for future generations.