Parks and Playgrounds

Bethmann Park
The Bethmann Park was set up in 1783 by the Bethmann Family. In 1989 a chinese style garden, called the “Garden of Heavenly Peace“, was added.

Botanical Garden Frankfurt
The Botanical Garden was set up between 1763 and 1774 and was originally used to cultivate medicinal plants and herbs for the local hospital.

Frankfurt City Forest
The Frankfurt City Forest is a 6,000ha woodland that is used mainly for botanical science education, leisure and relaxation. It is also used to a lesser extent for forestry and agriculture.

Frankfurt Zoological Garden
The Frankfurt Zoological Garden was founded in 1858 and is the second oldest zoo in Germany. It even features some rare and endangered species.

Grüneburg Park
The Grüneburg Park is the largest park inside the Frankfurt boulevard ring and was set up in the 18th century. The Korean Garden inside the park was created in connection with the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2005.

Günthersburg Park
The Günthersburg Park was created in 1837 by the Rothschild banking family and features old trees, meadows, an adventure playground and fountains.

Louisa Forest Playground
The Louisa Forest Playground (Waldspielpark Luisa) is a 20ha large woodland which contains a 2.5ha playground with fountains, lawns, a big slide and a wooden castle.

Metzler Park
The Metzler Park is located between the Museum of World Cultures and the Museum of Contemporary Art connecting both with an orthogonal and cross-shaped pathway.

Nice Park
The Nice Park, named after the city of Nice, (Nizza Gärten) is located on the northern Main shore and is famous for being one of the largest public parks with mediterranean plants north of the Alps.

Palmengarten Botanical Garden
The Palmengarten Botanical Garden is one of the largest of its kind in Germany. It is home to numerous tropical and subtropical plants and even has a sub-arctic landscape.

Rothschild Park
The Rothschild Park is a public park that was named after the Rothschild banking family that built a palace and a garden there in the 19th century.