Sights in Baden-Baden


Festspielhaus Baden-Baden is just a few meters from Holiday Inn Express Baden-Baden. It’s the largest concert hall of its kind in Germany and the second largest in Europe. Festspielhaus not only brings world class classical artists and orchestras to Baden-Baden but also provides high-quality catering and offers fascinating guided tours behind the scenes.


Completeted in 1842 and located right next to Kurhaus Trinkhalle (drinking hall) is still connected to the Friedrichsbad spring with its healing water.
The open hallway with its pillars is decorated with 14 murals depicting local legends and folktales, many of which are tied to popular scenic spots.
It’s little wonder then that the Baden-Baden Tourism Bureau has established a tourist information right here.

Kurhaus & Casino

The Kurhaus (spa hall) as we see it today was built over a period of almost a hundred between 1823 and 1917. Today it’s mostly known for the Casino Baden-Baden. Kurhaus itself however has a lot to offer too and is a regular venue for important international conferences and meetings.

City Center

Baden-Baden’s beautiful city center is only a leisurely stroll away. Famous Kaffee König and many designer boutique stores await.

Baden-Baden Theater

Within easy walking distance from the hotel, Baden-Baden Theater is located at Goetheplatz. Not only does it offer a varied programme with shows for any age bracket but it can also be rented as a venue for company events or weddings.

Pools and Spas

All around Römerplatz (roman square) are the famous springs and baths that gave the city its name. Even in Roman times it was already called Aquae Aureliae. The Carasana spas with the Caracalla Thermen, Friedrichsbad and CaraVitalis offer high-class traditional and modern baths as well as wellness treatments.

Rosengarten (Rose Garden)

Since 1952 roses are grown at the Gönneranlage park and today 360 kinds are cultivated. The park is open daily and entry is free of charge.