Old Town Hall

Frescoes decorate the facade of the Old Town Hall. Today the Old Town Hall houses the representative Rococo Hall and the Ludwig Collection.

Bamberg Cathedral

The Imperial Cathedral is a legacy of Emperor Henry II. You can see stylistic elements of late Romanticism and early Gothic as well as the high grave of the holy imperial couple Cunegonda and Henry II. Visitors will also encounter the famous statue of the Bamberg horseman.

Old court

The Old Court used to be the residence of the bishops and is now one of the most impressive buildings in the city. It houses the Historical Museum and the Chapel of St Catherine.

Little Venice

The former fishermen’s settlement in the Bamberg island town is affectionately called “Little Venice”. Tightly packed half-timbered buildings and tiny gardens lend the quarter a special charm.

New Residence

The New Residence gives an insight into the life of the prince-bishop and impresses with its magnificent halls. Here you can also find the Staatsgalerie with a high-ranking collection of old German and Baroque paintings.


High on the mountain, the Altenburg towers as one of the city’s landmarks. Just the view from the viewing terrace over Bamberg and the surrounding area is worth an excursion.

Michelsberg Monastery

The former Benedictine monastery of St. Michael was founded in 1015. Today it impresses with its mighty buildings in baroque style and with an artistic ceiling painting, called “Himmelsgarten”.