High above Ludwigsburg, the Hohenasperg has been valued for its commanding view of the surrounding area since the time of the Celts. Used as military stronghold and later political prison it became infamous among early German democrats and freethinkers. The prison is still in use today but only for civil prisoners and a museum depticts the lifes of former inmates.

Porsche Museum

The Porsche Museums‘s collection consists of 600 cars going back all to the way to the company’s establishment. Current designs and prototypes continue Porsche’s story into the present and even the future. Over 80 cars are on permanent display and many more can be experienced at historic motor shows all around the world.

Schiller’s Birthplace

The house that the famous poet and writer was born in can still be found in the picturesque town of Marbach am Neckar. The house itself and an adjacent archive show a collection of items from both Schiller’s life and his body of work.

Linden-Museum Stuttgart

Stuttgart State Ethnographic Museum‘s collection presents humanity’s customs, and cultures from all around the world. Regular focused exhibitions present cultural and regional topics.

Museum am Löwentor

The Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History calls two exhibition buildings its own, that both border the beautiful Rosensteinpark. One of them is Schloss Rosenstein itself, presenting the diversity of today’s fauna while the new building is focused on extinct animals ranging from the dinosaurs to species that lived at the dawn of man.

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

The Staatsgalerie Stuttgart art museum’s focus is on modern art. Its collection however includes a number of works dating back to the 14th century. The permanent exhibition can only show around 800 pieces of the museum’s enormous collection with about 400,000 works of art. They are presented, in turn, during special themed exhibitions that are put on at a regular basis.

Mercedes-Benz Museum

The Mercedes-Benz Museum is the only museum in the world that can present the car’s entire history from the very first design until the present. 160 vehicles and thousands of pieces bring it to vivid live.