Around Aalen

Exhibition Mine “Tiefer Stollen”

The Exhibition Mine “Tiefer Stollen” (deep shaft) offers a guided 800m (2,600ft) tour at a depth of 400m (1,300ft) with a multimedia show. The mine’s air is at a constant 11°C (52°F) and extremely clean and is used to treat patients with pulmonary diseases.
The mine is just a few kilometres from Aalen in neighbouring Wasseralfingen.

Aalbäumle Observation Tower

A 26m (85ft) tall observation tower and popular hiking destination with a great view of Aalen and the surrounding area. At the foot of the the tower an adventure playground and a part-time managed hut await. A flag is raised on the top of the tower, when the hut is open and offering snacks and refreshments.
The tower is only 20 minutes on foot from the hiking parking spaces at Limes-Thermen.

Aalen Panoramic Hiking Trail

This hiking trail is 30km (22 miles) long anf offers many beautiful views of the picturesque Eastern Swabian Jura. The trail can be broken down into several legs and leads past many restaurants and managed huts offering hearty, local dishes.

Fachsenfeld Palace

Romantic Schloss Fachsenfeld is located in the town of the same name not far from Aalen. The building dates back to the 16th century and can be visited on weekends as part of a guided tour. The beautiful and almost 8ha large palace park is a strictly protected nature reserve with separate tours offered.
The palace is available for private functions and especially popular with wedding parties.

Dellenhäule Nature Reserve

Dellenhäule Nature Reserve is 24ha large and lies to the east of Aalen near Elchingen. It is home to several endangered species of plants that can no longer be found outside specially protected reserves.
The area can be accessed comfortably from a hiking parking lot.


North of Aalen lies the beautiful town of Ellwangen with its well preserved old town and the baroque Palais Adelmann. The church towers of both Evangelische Stadtkirche (protestant) and Schönbergkirche (catholic) as well as the palace Schloss ob Ellwangen can be seen from afar.