Evita – Meet easy

Evita is modern conference catering concept. It rejects the conventional approach of preparing large amounts of food and then keeping them warm throughout the day. All dishes are prepared fresh throughout the day and are served perfectly bite-sized. Attendants help themselves to whatever they like and eat in the relaxed Evita Break Area, which was made to invite conversation to flow freely between them.

Since there are always fresh dishes available meetings and seminars are no longer bound to the traditional schedule of greeting, coffee break, lunch break and second coffee break.

The menu offers a large range of choices that include but are not limited to classic buffet favorites such as Wiener schnitzel and pasta dishes. It also offers a selection of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine as well. Combined with salads and numerous side dishes the amount of food per guest is at least equal to a standard buffet but with a much greater spread.

Another advantage of Evita is that dishes are prepared in small amounts reducing waste and cost. These savings are returned to the customers as reduced prices. And they are equally valuable in a social and ecological context: This “waste” is after all made of perfectly good and freshly prepared food.