As hosts, it is our ambition to warmly welcome people from all over the world and to make their stay a pleasant one. Our goal is for them to return home with many wonderful memories. This also comes with a great responsibility as hosts: We are responsible for the well-being and safety of our guests and employees.

Tolerance as the Cornerstone of Hospitality

Cultures from all over the world often meet in a hotel. This inspires highly interesting conversations and contacts, sometimes even for life. It is always a surprise how quickly people of different nations and languages can communicate with each other.
Tolerance and cosmopolitanism are indispensable to ensure that this temporary melting pot does not turn into a boiling cauldron. That is why we expect our guests and our staff to respect the opinions of others, regardless of religious, ideological or political convictions. Misanthropic, racist or other discriminatory ideas have no place in a hotel that is supposed to be a safe haven for international and national guests.

Motivation Through Humanity

We see it as our responsibility to recognise the mood among our guests and staff at an early stage and to ensure harmonious coexistence. The feeling of security in this context refers not only to physical well-being, but also to emotional health.
Whether we succeed in making everyone feel comfortable is often immediately apparent from the feedback we receive from guests and staff: from a smile, a sincere thank you or simply from the fact that guests return, and employees stay for years. Humanity and mutual appreciation play a key role here. It is an incredible encouragement when we manage to brighten someone’s day. We highly value this kind of motivation because it is rarely found, especially in other professions.